A downloadable Arcade Shooter

*This is a prototype version of GoobnBalloonsDX! This game is active development so music, graphics, and overall content is not complete. 

This Game can be played on keyboard, but we think it's best played on controller!

Join Goobert and friends in this 2-player co-op schmup, and stop the balloon army! Experience beautiful hand-drawn environments, and heart pumping balloon gameplay! 

Alone or with a friend, family member, or pet with an odd ability to play video games - help Goobert save Goobstar from the evil balloons!

Keyboard Controls: W,A,S,D to move, Arrows to shoot

Controller controls: Left Joystick to move, face buttons or Right Joystick to shoot 

If you like what we are doing, and would like to support us, consider donating through itch.io, our Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/AnimatorRiks , or buy some Goobtastic Merch on our  website: goobnballoons.com.


Goob_N_Balloons_Windows_0.7.2.zip 234 MB


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Goobn is good fun! just thought i'd let you know that on an ultrawide monitor I can see all sorts off stuff off to the sides that you probably don't intend me to see ;)

Thanks for letting us know! We'll make sure to fix this in future updates 😅


Pretty cool!

Thank you! :D

goob time



mondo poggers